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The Unlikely Happened

The number of planets that needed to align for the Eagles to get into the playoffs was too great. Or at least that’s what I thought yesterday morning. Here is how things stood:

Either the Vikings or the Bears had to lose. The first game to conclude had the Vikings over the Giants by 1 point 20-19. One possibility lost. But a few minutes later the Bears would lose to the Texans who were just 7-8 going in to the day. Hurdle one crossed.

The other must happen was Tampa Bay losing. They were playing the 4-11 Oakland Raiders. At home. They lost. Hurdle two.

philadelphia-eagles-logoIn addition to those unlikely events the Eagles also had to win their final game. Despite what had happened earlier in the day the Eagles still had to get past Romo, TO, and the rest of their rivals from Dallas. They didn’t just beat them, they embarrassed them. 44-6 in a game that looked like only one team showed up. It wasn’t all due to bad play from the Cowboys, the Eagle defense played an outstanding game. And the third hurdle was crossed.

I wasn’t sure any one of those three things would happen. Two of the three would have shocked me. All three? I wouldn’t have bet on that with someone else’s money. But they’re in the playoffs. Next week they face the Minnesota Vikings — 4:30 on Fox.

Let’s see if they can surprise me again.

The Game I’ve Been Waiting For

Eagles — Giants. It started off ugly. The Giants scored early and kept the Eagles deep in their end of the field. Then Brian Westbrook had an amazing run for a touchdown to tie it.

The Eagles just intercepted!

The Eagles only manage a field goal off the interception, but go up 10-7. New York comes back, but is stopped on third and goal and tie it back up with a field goal of their own.

Eagles score inside of two minutes to go in the 1st half. 17-10 Eagles.


To busy watching to post any updates. With under six minutes left in the game the Giants tie the game 20-20.

2:00 MINUTE WARNING — Still tied, the Eagles have the ball and are driving. They’re at the outer edge of Akers’ range. I’d feel a lot better if they were a lot closer.

David Akiers, 38 yard field goal, 3 seconds on the clock.

Eagles Win 23-20