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Government Surprised No One Wants To Play Their Silly Game

doctor_wallet_pickingHave your insurance exchanges in place by January 1st or else! Or else we’ll give you more time that is.

The White House says it will give states more time to comply with the new health care law after finding that many states lag in setting up markets where millions of Americans are expected to buy subsidized private health insurance.


The exchanges are a crucial element of President Obama’s health care law. Every state is supposed to have one by October, and most Americans will be required to have coverage, starting in January 2014. The federal government will run the exchange in any state that is unwilling or unable to do so. It now appears that federal officials will have the primary responsibility for running exchanges in at least half the states — far more than expected when the law was passed in 2010.

Hmmm…”far more than expected when the law was passed”. Gee, ya think? Even the states that are setting up the exchanges don’t want to, or they don’t want to do it the way the government wants it done. Rebecca D. Lockhart, Republican Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, is quoted in the article as saying, “I am opposed to using one dime of Utah state taxpayers’ dollars to comply with federal requirements for the exchange.”

Obamacare is about power and money. It has little to nothing to do with health. I find in humorous to see the administration dumbfounded by the notion that states don’t want to play their silly little game.

FTEs – Something about Obamacare that I understand, and I don’t think anyone’s going to like.

FTEs. I deal with them everyday, all day. They are the heart of my job. Not many people know what they are, but get ready, you’re going to be hearing a lot about them.

In my job I deal with people and insuring that the right number of people are working at the right times to get the job done. But, in fact, people are messy and inconvenient and don’t fit into neat boxes without complaining. They like to eat, they like to take breaks, they like to call out, come in late, and leave early. Because of that we don’t talk about needing 15 people, we talk about needing 15 FTEs – Full Time Equivalents. It may take 18, 20, or more “people” to make my 15 FTEs. Think of an FTE as a perfect employee. They never eat, are never late, and never do any of those other crazy things that people do.

So how does this apply to Obamacare you ask? Simple.

You’ve probably read the stories about employers planning to limit individual hours to a level that will keep them under the 30 hour per week cap that triggers Obamacare penalties. Of course that means they will have to hire more people to offer the same level of service or to accomplish the same amount of work.

“See, Mr./Ms. Bureaucrat, I don’t have 50 full-time employees, I only have 30 people working full-time and 40 working part-time.”

“Not so fast, evil rich person,” says Mr./Ms. Bureaucrat, “We’re on to your little game.”

An applicable large employer with respect to a calendar year is defined in section 4980H(c)(2) as an employer that employed an average of at least 50 full-time employees on business days during the preceding calendar year. For purposes of determining whether an employer is an applicable large employer, full-time equivalent employees (FTEs), which are statutorily determined based on the hours of service of employees who are not full-time employees, are taken into account.

So, in our little example above, if the part-time workers were all limited to 20 hours/week the government is going to add up all those 20s and declare that you really have 30 full timers and 20 FTEs. Congratulations, you are still Obamahosed.

Businesses are going to try to get creative in their attempts to avoid the beast, but the beast is not going to be denied. I fully expect that every attempt to avoid, or even dampen the effects of Obamacare (ie remain profitable) is going to be adjudicated and/or regulated.

The short version, this is not a great time to be a business owner. It’s an even worse time to be an employee, even if it takes you and a friend to make one FTE.

First Cup 10.18.11

1st CupThe First Cup is a (sort of) daily post pointing you to some of the best posts from around the right side of the blogosphere. If you have a post that you would like considered for the First Cup, send the link to lakelandjim at gmail dot com.

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Another Obamacare Blow

Heard this on Rush and found the story online — Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An appeals court ruled on Friday that President Barack Obama’s healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, a blow to the White House.

The Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, found that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage, but also ruled that the rest of the wide-ranging law could remain in effect.

Of course the entire law needs to be scrapped, but removing the individual mandate will eventually do the same thing. It cannot survive without it, and that’s a good thing. Not that any of this is the final word. You can bet on this being decided by the Supreme Court no matter how many lower courts rule.

That being said, I’d still rather see more decisions like this one.

Unconstitutional and Not Severable

NobamacareWhile it is surely true that the fight is not over, Judge Roger Vinson has found that a key provision in Obamacare, the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance, is unconstitutional.

The US district judge said a key provision of the law known as the “individual mandate” exceeds Congress’s regulatory powers by requiring Americans to either purchase health insurance by 2014 or pay a fine.

What has always seemed clear to me is how silly it would sound if you replace “Health Insurance” with any other product in the phrase “The government says you must buy __________.” Really. Try it. The government says you must buy tofu. The government says you must buy a Shamwow. The government says you must by a Glock 17. The stuttering argument from the left, “bu…bu…but it’s good for you!” failed to convince Judge Vinson of the law’s constitutionality. Aside from exploding liberal heads, you might make the argument that buying the Glock is even better for you. But, I digress.

I think that this quote from Judge Vinson is quite clear, and quite clearly antithetical to the left’s mindset.

“Regardless of how laudable its attempts may have been to accomplish these goals in passing the act, Congress must operate within the bounds established by the Constitution.”

“Congress must operate within the bounds established by the Constitution”? How quaint. Let’s hope this idea catches on.

Vinson went further than previous favorable decisions, saying that, “Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void.” My emphasis.

Of course, the fight isn’t over. The left has reacted by sticking their fingers in their ears and repeating, “Nah nah nah nah nah. We can’t hear you,” or something like that. Case in point, Harry Reid:

Healthcare reform is the law of the land and, now that Americans see its benefits, a majority of them oppose Republicans’ dangerous plans to repeal a law that put patients in control of their own healthcare.

I didn’t realize that marijuana was legal in Nevada.

This was, with out a doubt, a win for sanity and The Constitution. Don’t be fooled into thinking that will cause the left to leave this alone. We can’t afford to rest.

My New Representative

I only mentioned this briefly after the elections this fall — Dennis Ross was elected here in Florida’s district 12 to replace Adam Putnam who ran for, and won, the commissioner of agriculture post.

I read two separate stories involving Ross this morning. The first in the Washington Post notes that Ross, along with 30 year old Minnesota Republican freshman Justin Amash, will serve as chairman (with Amash as vice chairman) of the House Oversight subcommittee on the federal workforce, U.S. Postal Service and labor policy.

[Committee Chairman Darrell] Issa expects Ross and Amash to work on building “a 21st century federal workforce that no longer grows itself at the expense of private sector job creation, and gets more done with less.” Preventing “a fiscal meltdown” at the U.S. Postal Service is also “one of the central priorities” of the new Congress, Issa said in his statement.


Though the Postal Service is seeking serious structural reforms, it is still unclear how far Congress is willing to go to revamp it. USPS lost $8.5 billion in the fiscal year that ended in September and postal executives are seeking passage of legislation that would allow them to set delivery routes, close post offices and adjust prices without congressional approval — a potentially tricky vote for lawmakers who would face criticism for approving the closure of neighborhood post offices.

The other story mentioning Ross was in the local Lakeland Ledger, reporting on local residents who want to keep Obamacare. Ross, who campaigned against the plan, is scheduled to give his first house speech on that subject this morning. The text of that speech, as provided by the representative’s Chief of Staff Fredrick Piccolo Jr., was included in a sidebar.

Today I rise in support of repealing and replacing the recently enacted health care law that nationalizes nearly one sixth of our country’s gross domestic product.

This November, the American people sent a resounding message to Congress and to this administration that they do not want to pay higher taxes for a one-size-fits-all health care system that replaces doctors with bureaucrats. Instead, the American people want complete control of their healthcare dollars and healthcare decisions and they want to be able to take their policies with them from job to job without being penalized by the federal government. Americans need privatized healthcare that forces competition in order to achieve affordability, choice and innovation.

As a small business owner, I understand that adding $104 billion in taxes and compliance costs to our unstable job-market creates a massive burden on our taxpayers and is not the best way to encourage economic growth. Imposing new regulations on small businesses by mandating employers provide health insurance stifles economic growth and makes it difficult for businesses to survive.

We can bring down costs and increase affordability by allowing the free market to create robust competition. One common sense reform is the interstate sale of health insurance. By breaking down the barriers of the sale of health insurance, American citizens will have the ability to choose the plan that best fits their needs at a rate that is affordable to them. By allowing competition, we bring costs down and provide the best possible product for the American people.

I was very pleased voting for Dennis as my representative. I’ll be watching him closely, and, as I promised him in a message on Twitter, holding him accountable.

Say NO to Obamacare

The Conservative Outpost has provided a widget to help spread the word on saying “No” to Obamacare.

Barack Obama and liberals in Congress are moving quickly to pass health care “reform” that opens the door for a national, governement run health care system.

And Americans must speak out now and tell Congress “NO!” as loudly as possible.

There’s a “Get this widget” link that allows you to put it on your site. I’ve got mine.