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A Brand New Me

I mentioned on Saturday that, “I am even more of a Geezer today” and I hinted there would be more later. It’s later.

You see, I turned 56 on Saturday. I didn’t run out and buy a new Testerossa (not that I could afford the key fob for one. Besides, a classic Mustang or ‘Vette would be more to my liking). No, but I did change something. Me.

From the time I started shaving I’ve had at least a mustache. Yes, it was the 70’s, but it wasn’t any great fashion statement, I just never was very good at shaving the real estate between my nose and upper lip. After a while it just became natural.

Even into the 80’s and 90’s I always wore the ‘stache. I’m no Tom Selleck. Heck, I’m no John Bolton, but having a hairy upper lip was as much a part of me as hazel eyes and a strange sense of humor. It’s not that I chose not to shave it, I didn’t even think about shaving it.

Over the years I would occasionally grow a beard. Not all the time, but off and on. Until the last 10 year. Now, I don’t even remember the last time I didn’t have a full beard. Some time it would be neatly trimmed, and other times it would be needing to be trimmed. One theory (and I’m pretty sure this is accurate) is that I was just to lazy to shave. I never did care for it much. I didn’t even have a razor anymore!

I changed that on Friday.

New MeAt least I bought the razor on Friday. Then, I nearly chickened out. Friday night, Saturday, most of the day on Sunday – the razor sat, unused, in the bathroom. Finally, Sunday afternoon I took the plunge. After ten years of the beard, it was gone.

I look in the mirror and don’t even recognize myself. I think I like it, but it’s a big change. I sure don’t remember that second chin being under there. At least it’s cheaper than a sports car.

Geezer Gamer

You probably know I’m an old geezer. You may not know I’m also a gamer. I love playing online games, and I’ve created a blog for gamers like me who aren’t tweens, teens, or twenty-somethings — GeezerGamer.

My latest post takes a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was invited to the latest round of beta testing, but my system wasn’t quite up to the task.

FYI, I am even more of a Geezer today. More about that later.

2011 100 Post Marathon #10 – Situation Update

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, even my friends further up the east coast. I hope everyone is safe, and remains safe as the clean up begins.

This is post #10 in my 100 Post Marathon, so I figured that called for a little update. You can read the basics here. A lot of what we need to do simply couldn’t be done on the weekend. I’ll be taking another vacation day today, leaving just one for the rest of the year. Cindy has missed four good nights of work, and the tips that would have come with them.

I plan on posting much more today than I did over the weekend. I was a bit stressed at the fact that I couldn’t really do that much Saturday or Sunday. I also completely understand that 1)People don’t read blogs as much on the weekends and 2)Everyone’s attention was focused on Irene. Let me suggest that if you ever hold a major fund raiser, you don’t do it during a natural disaster that garners days of 24 hour news coverage.

If you can help, we will really appreciate it. We need to raise about $1150, today if possible. That’s only $10 from 115 people – $5 from 230. Surely there are 230 readers here. If not, you can help there, too. Please point people you know to this post. Thank you for your kindness and help.

If you can…

2011 100 Post Marathon #9 – Movie Watching

National TreasureI’ve mowed most of the lawn, so it’s time to move inside and cool off. USA is showing National Treasure. Of course it’s totally unbelievable, but in such a fun way that I usually watch when I see it playing.

Of course a bit of Diane Kruger doesn’t hurt.

Tell your friends about the 2011 100 Post Marathon. Thank You.

If you can…

2011 100 Post Marathon #5 – The Games People Play

Here’s something I’ve been curious about – are bRight & Early readers, who I believe skew toward the conservative side of the political spectrum, gamers? If you are, what games do you play? Console, PC, or just on your phone?

We have an X-Box in the house, but only a few games. The boys play it sometime, but I’ve never been very good at it. They have been playing a game online called Roblox. I’m not sure I get it.

I prefer to play games online. For quite a while I’ve played WoW – pretty geeky for a 55 year old. My guild includes pretty much everyone in my department at work. We are the numbers geeks after all. I am also looking forward to the release of Star Wars – The Old Republic. It looks like it is going to be a good one.

I used to play the games on Facebook like Farmville, Cafe World, and whatever that mobster game is. They became a bit old after a while, and I hardly ever get on Facebook anymore. I’ve been spending time on Google + (if you want an invite, let me know). They recently added games there, but the only one I’ve really spent much time playing is City of Wonder.

One game I like is called The West. I play on four different servers, or worlds as they call them – World 12, Arizona, Briscoe, and Colorado. You get to be a character in the American West and, like most games of this type, you have to perform various tasks to gain money and experience. You can choose to be a Worker, Soldier, Adventurer, or Dueller. I tend to gravitate toward Builders(Worker) and Adventurers.

What games do you like to play online? The comments are waiting for you.

Why a 100 Post Marathon?

If you can…

Changing Routine

It’s that time of year again — School Time!

During the summer I could sleep late and leave for work as early as I wanted. Of course I usually waited until the last minute so I didn’t end up with overtime. Still, I could have left earlier, if I had wanted too.

The biggest challenge during summer break is getting some computer time. Three computers divided by three growing kids and two adults is math that even I can do. That changes with the ability to use those magic words, “it’s a school night.” On the downside, I have to get up earlier.

Next year is going to be really interesting. We will have one child in each school; Elementary, Middle, and High School. That’s going to be fun.

The new school year is, to me, more of a marker of the years passing than a birthday. That means I’m getting older, and that’s not right.

Time to get back into the school year routine.

Double Nickels

I’m 55 Today – the speed limit Jimmy Carter and CB Radios made famous. It is my hope that I’ve learned a thing or two in these years, and, as is my right today, I’m going to subject you to them share them with you. Here are some things I know now that it would have been nice to know at other “5’s” in my life.

Change is still OK. Don’t be surprised when things don’t work out exactly like you plan. That doesn’t make planning a bad thing. Just be prepared when you hit a detour and have to take a different path.

Take better care of yourself. Things you can do when your 35 are going to be a bit tougher when you’re 55 if you act like you’re never going to be 55. While you’re taking care of yourself take care of, and enjoy, your family and friends where they are. Your kids are going to grow up, so enjoy every moment. Every. Moment. Remember that every relationship in your life needs to be cared for. Oh, and save more money — you’re going to need it.

You’re at the starting blocks, not the finish line. You feel like you are a grown-up now. You’re not. School may be behind you, but don’t stop learning. You may be working now, but don’t confuse a job with a career. Always be content. Never be satisfied. That means be happy where you are in life, but strive for more. Stretch your goals, stretch your mind, stretch your body.

You don’t know nearly as much as you think you know, and what you think you know is probably wrong. It’s OK. This isn’t the time for you to know it all, it’s the time for trying on different things and finding out what fits. Even then, be prepared for things to change. Don’t worry if what you think you want to do changes when you get to college, or when you start working, or when you’re 55. This doesn’t mean it’s alright to act like “Jethro Bodine” and go from being a “Hollywood Producer” one week to being a “Double Naught Spy” the next later in life, but now is the time to start to figure out what you want to be.

Don’t be in such a hurry to be a grown up, that will come soon enough, and quicker then you can ever imagine. Besides, you are learning more things, quicker, then you will for the rest of your life. You’re learning some pretty important stuff now, too. You can’t imagine what life is going to bring you over the next 50 years. Good. You don’t need to know that now. Have fun. Play. Make lots of friends.

Thanks for listening to an old man’s ramblings. Now, all you kids get off my lawn!

LEGOLAND Florida Update

Yes, I know that we are just one week away from what could truly be an historical election. I promise, I’ll address that later today.

Media Hard Hat TourThis morning I want to update you on what is happening at LEGOLAND® Florida. Last Thursday, October 21st, I had the opportunity to participate in a Media Hard Hat Tour. Around 150 members of the media, hotel, concierge and travel representatives, local business owners, and government officials heard a presentation on the plans and progress taking place at the park. I have details about the Media Hard Hat Tour at the Brick Blog. I have also started a series describing the different parts of the park. You can read about the first three areas — The Beginning, Fun Town, and Miniland — as well as taking a look at some brief videos.

If you have children ages 2-12 make your plans to visit LEGOLAND Florida when they open in October of 2011. You just may see me there.

Happy Birthday Post-it

They’re stuck on the wall next to my desk and several are around the edges of my monitor at work. The Post-it Note turns 30 this month.

The little yellow square of paper that changed lives was actually the product of an engineering mistake by 3M scientists who accidentally stumbled upon an adhesive like none other that could stick and be repositioned on just about any surface.

It has remained among the top five best-selling office supplies in the United States each year ever since.

The three-by-three-inch (7.6-by-7.6-centimeter) pad has also evolved over time and now comes in eight sizes, 25 shapes and 62 colors, including the original Canary Yellow, sold in 150 countries.

How do you use them?

My Morning

This is not how I want to start out my Wednesday, but I will be at Lowes in about 15 minutes to get the needed parts to finish a shower repair before we all need to get ready for school and work. I will be my optimistic self and say that it should be interesting.

Of course I may be wrong about that.