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He’s Back!

After nearly three months of being out of the blogging mix, President Tom has “persuaded” Chad Evans to jump back in to things with this post at In The Bullpen. Here’s a taste of what you’ll see when you read the whole thing:

The blunder by Columbia University is not in trying to open dialogue, but rather believing it would serve the purpose they wished it to. Beaming across Iranian state-run television is Ahmadinejad explaining his solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the oblivious audience cheering as they did not recognize the slight of hand. Today was a victory for both Ahmadinejad and Islamism, given to them by Columbia University and dirtied in the blood of American and allied soldiers, innocent Iraqis, Israelis, Turks and, perhaps most unfortunate, innocent Iranians.

Welcome back, Chad. Don’t be a stranger.

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First Cup 12.28.06

First CupCoffee is good for talent, but genius wants prayer. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) Iran Pays For Kassam Attacks In Israel

Once again, Iran shows why negotiations on any kind of security arrangements for Iraq or anywhere else in the Middle East will prove fruitless. Iran occupies the central position for terrorism throughout the region; it assists the militias in Iraq, it supports the Hezbollah push to overthrow the Lebanese government, and now we see that it directly funds the Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli citizens. It even funds Fatah terror groups while Ehud Olmert insists on propping up their leader with a hundred million in cash.

In The Bullpen (Chad Evans) Conspiracy Theories Abound in Iranian Press

Steven Stalinsky, of MEMRI, notes some rather interesting conspiracy theories in the Iranian press. A summary of conspiracies in his article appearing in The New York Sun:

Ankle Biting Pundits (Bull Dog Pundit) What’s Not To Like About Sessions’ Social Security Plan?

Can someone please explain to me why anyone would oppose the ideas in a Social Security reform plan like the one outlined by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) in today’s Washington Post? [Note: Formating at ABP is a little flaky right now, but the post is still worth reading. Jim]

First Cup 12.20.06

First CupThe morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. ~ Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr.

Happy (Belated) 3rd Blogiversary to
Florida Cracker

Blogs For Bush (Mark Noonan) Lord Monckton to Sens. Rockefeller & Snowe: Apologise, or Resign

“In response to an open letter (and implied legislative threat) to Exxon issued by Sens. Rockefeller (D-Inherited Big Oil Wealth) and Snowe (RINO-ME), Lord Monckton of Brenchley, former policy advisor to Prime Minister Thatcher, scorches both the concept of “consensus” on global warming and the attempts by global warming zealots to silence all dissent”

In The Bullpen (Chad Evans) AP: Iran Training Hamas

“In what makes complete strategic sense, both for Iran and for Hamas, the Associated Press reports Iran has trained Hamas operatives in “advanced military training” in Iran. Both Iran and Hamas wish to see the world Israel-free and both saw the at least perceived success of the Hezbollah-Israel War where guerilla tactics used by Hezbollah at minimum slowed the IDF’s military response to a Hezbollah attack.”

First Cup 12.04.06

First Cup Well, let’s have some coffee and then take a swim. ~ Johnny Weissmuller

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to

Right Wing News (John Hawkins) The Return Of Conservative Grapevine — “In the latter part of 2005, I ran Right Wing News and a blog called Conservative Grapevine. Conservative Grapevine was a link blog dedicated to highlighting the best posts from around the right side of the blogosphere as well as covering articles about blogging. Unfortunately, the work load got to be too much for me on top of RWN and so after only 4 months, I decided to kill off CG.

Well, after a 14 month long hiatus, Conservative Grapevine is back, but this time, it’s not going to be a solo project.”

Flopping Aces (Curt) Responding To The New York Times — “The New York Times has a new article out tomorrow in which they skewer blogs for having the audacity to question them:”

Right Truth (Debbie) Palestinians threaten violence, I’m shocked! — “Actually the article headline is Israel and Palestinians threaten violence. As Israel continues to defend herself, Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza said that Israel would be responsible “for any response in the coming hours” by Islamic Jihad. Translation, ‘we’re going to attack you, but it will be your fault’.”

Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) It’s The Electability, Stupid — “Rumors have swirled around HIllary Clinton regarding her presumed run for the presidency in 2008, with some saying that a Barack Obama run will keep her out of the race and that she has not discovered the inner fire for the grueling campaign, a la Mark Warner. Now, however, she’s begun meeting with Democratic power brokers, indicating that she’s plowing ahead — but Democrats do not appear completely thrilled by the prospect.”

First Cup 11.28.06

First CupGive a frontiersman coffee and tobacco, and he will endure any privation, suffer any hardship, but let him be without these two necessaries of the woods, and he becomes irresolute and murmuring. ~ U.S. Army Lt. William Whiting, 1849

Flopping Aces coverage of TOM™ (The Old Media) using terrorist apologists as sources is quite the talk in the blogosphere, and rightly so. Here are the stories:

Excellent job, Curt. (h/t to Beth at Blue Star Chronicles for the links.)

Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) Olmert Offers Peace, Fatah Responds As Usual — “Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave what had been billed as a major policy speech, but to little practical effect. Olmert urged Palestinians to agree to end hostilities in order to negotiate for a long-term peace and offered mass prisoner releases as an incentive, but the Palestinians responded with rocket attacks from Gaza:”

I will be in a training class again today. Thanks for hanging in there.

First Cup 10.14.06

First CupCoffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank. ~ Alphonse Allais

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to
Hooah Wife

Right Truth (Debbie) Hamas wants to attack United States interests in Middle East — “Hamas not only refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, they now want to attack interests of the United States in the Middle East. They seem to be upset with President George W. Bush and the United States support of Israel. It seems the ‘radicals’ within Hamas are outnumbering the (dare I say it) moderates. Israeli intelligence believes that if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas moves to dismiss the Hamas government in the next few weeks, the radical element in Hamas will go forward with attacks on US interests.”

Blue Crab Boulevard Russia And China Raise Objectios To NK Sanctions — “The concessions already made in the resolution make the sanctions largely toothless to begin with. This latest round of objections will likely weaken them still more. Iran is watching and laughing. It knows how far it can go now.

All the way.”

In The Bullpen (Chad Evans) Hamas Might Target U.S. Interests — “This was really only a matter of time not due to the perceived evils of the Bush Administration, but rather because the Bush Administration won’t invite the Palestinian leadership of terror to Camp David unlike administrations past.”

First Cup 09.28.06

First CupThe drink that comforteth the brain and heart and helpeth digestion. ~ Sir Francis Bacon

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Musing Minds

Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) New Offensive Brewing In Gaza — “The London Telegraph reports that Palestinian militants have acquired tons of explosives and perhaps even advanced missiles, preparing for a showdown with the IDF they expect to come if Gilad Shalit is not freed soon. The terrorists want to emulate Hezbollah’s attack against the Israelis and have upgraded their weapons systems with that in mind:”

Blue Crab Boulevard Commission To Review AZ “9/11 Memorial” — “All of a sudden, the commission that approved the Arizona “9/11 Memorial” will review the structure that carries inscriptions that make it seem more like a tribute to moral equivalence.”

Confederatre Yankee Torturing the Truth — “I’d like for the Times to go out of their way for once and try to apply a little logic and reason, and—God forbid, facts—to support their contention that the legislation will make American soldiers “less safe.” The truth the Times and its liberal supporters refuse to confront is that our enemies in this war against Islamic terrorism do not now, nor have they ever, followed any civilized notion of how to conduct warfare against military or civilian targets, and when they have been able to capture American soldiers, they have tortured, mutilated and beheaded them.”

The Strata-Sphere (A.J. Strata) Time To Meet Justice — “After five years we get a chance to bring those animals who decided to use our civilian airplanes as their weapons to attack innocent people on 9-11 to justice . The idea we had to go through so much wrangling to try these murderers without exposing our defenses to their comrades (who are still out there planning the next 9-11) is a sad sign that the suicidal mindset that allowed 9-11 to happen still permeates our culture.”

Explosion In Tel-Aviv

I don’t know what to make of this:

An explosion in central Tel Aviv on Tuesday night appeared to be the work of criminals, not terrorists, police said. No injuries were reported.

Not much online at this time other than the boilerplate, ‘doesn’t appear to be terror related’.

First Cup 09.14.06

First CupCoffee falls into the stomach … ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop … the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters, similes arise, the paper is covered with ink… ~ Honore de Balzac

Iowa Voice (Brian) Election Glitches — “You know, no matter what happens come November, the left is going to be screaming bloody murder. If they lose, especially after telling themselves over and over again that victory is theirs (kind of reminiscent on 2000, 2002, and 2004), they’re going to be blaming it on fraud and these machines.”

Don Surber No new ideas and no clue — “Democrats always look good in the summer. They looked good in the summer of 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004. The best Democrats could do was re-elect Clinton in 1996 — but not by a majority; they last got a majority in 1976 and have not had a majority of the white vote since 1964. The only way they won back the Senate was by a tie.”

Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) Israeli Arabs a ‘Fifth Column’? — “Israeli Arabs have come under unprecedented criticism in the last few weeks, undermining their political position in the nation. While majorities still see native Arabs as Israelis, growing percentages of Israelis want them to emigrate out of Israel, with even Knesset members expressing hostility towards them. The potential for increasing racism have some politicians worried, especially Israeli Arab MKs. However, as the Jerusalem Post reports, they have done the most damage to their image themselves:”

First Cup 09.13.06

First CupIf it wasn’t for coffee, I’d have no discernible personality at all. ~ David Letterman

In The Bullpen (Chad Evans) Hezbollah Demanding Child Killer — “According to the Jerusalem Post, Hezbollah is refusing to negotiate over the release of two abducted IDF soldiers that started the latest Israel-Hezbollah war. Hezbollah’s demand instead is rather simple. Israel has to release Samir Kuntar.

Who is Samir Kuntar? He might be the next Hezbollah leader.”

Right Truth (Debbie) United Nations, going, going, gone? — “How can the worst of terrorist nations and the best of free nations all have the same say and equal footing in an organization like the United Nations, and accomplish anything worthwhile? They can’t. A group of like-minded countries working together against the countries left at the United Nations would be a wonderful idea.”

Captain’s Quarters
(Ed Morrissey) Sistani Kills Federalism Plan — “In a move that belies earlier reports that Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani had withdrawn from Iraqi politics, the widely respected Shi’ite imam scotched a plan by Shi’ite political groups to transform Iraq into a loosely-knit federation of three autonomous states. The Shi’ite-controlled legislature will table the proposal indefinitely, and the third-ranking official in the government pronounced the plan dead:”

Outside The Beltway (James Joyner) Bill Clinton Meets Lefty Bloggers — “Liberals are angry at Clinton for enacting so little of their agenda, just as conservatives are angry at Bush. But politics is the art of the possible. Rantings of the critics aside, presidents are not dictators who can govern by fiat. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons to criticize Clinton and Bush; that they were insufficiently ideological is not among them.”

Dr. Sanity (Pat Santy) WHO WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT? — “Slowly and almost imperceptably, the liberal left has morphed into the lunatic left. They have abandoned most of the liberal legacy that gave them emotional consistency and moral clarity; and instead, they have embraced positions that would have been completely inconceivable to imagine just a few short years ago.”