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Government Surprised No One Wants To Play Their Silly Game

doctor_wallet_pickingHave your insurance exchanges in place by January 1st or else! Or else we’ll give you more time that is.

The White House says it will give states more time to comply with the new health care law after finding that many states lag in setting up markets where millions of Americans are expected to buy subsidized private health insurance.


The exchanges are a crucial element of President Obama’s health care law. Every state is supposed to have one by October, and most Americans will be required to have coverage, starting in January 2014. The federal government will run the exchange in any state that is unwilling or unable to do so. It now appears that federal officials will have the primary responsibility for running exchanges in at least half the states — far more than expected when the law was passed in 2010.

Hmmm…”far more than expected when the law was passed”. Gee, ya think? Even the states that are setting up the exchanges don’t want to, or they don’t want to do it the way the government wants it done. Rebecca D. Lockhart, Republican Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, is quoted in the article as saying, “I am opposed to using one dime of Utah state taxpayers’ dollars to comply with federal requirements for the exchange.”

Obamacare is about power and money. It has little to nothing to do with health. I find in humorous to see the administration dumbfounded by the notion that states don’t want to play their silly little game.