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Do You Like Me?

This will be quick. I know you’re busy looking for new uses for turkey leftovers, shopping deals, and falling asleep watching football. But while you’re online updating your fantasy football lineup and looking up turkey leftover recipes why don’t you click on over to the bRight & Early Facebook Page and give it a like.

Leave a comment there (or here) and let me know that you did.


Face Lift

Maybe giving the site a face lift will help lift me from my post-election funk. As you can see I’ve installed a new theme. Of course if I don’t start writing something it really doesn’t matter. If there’s anything that doesn’t work in your particular setup, please let me know. I’ve also linked new posts to my bRight & Early page on Facebook. Why don’t you jump over there and give the page a like.

Hi. My Name’s Jim. . .

. . . and I’m a Zengaholic.

My crops are withering in the field. I’ve neglected my jobs from New York, Cuba, and Moscow. All I have on the stove is a pot roast and ginger bread houses that won’t be ready to serve for another three days. And don’t even get me started on my apartment and job in the sweets factory.

I gave up on my pirate empire weeks ago. The others have to go too. I’m gonna have to do this cold turkey. My Facebook games are taking up way too much time.

Don’t let this happen to you.