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Early Start

Going into work early this morning. Since I don’t have time for the usual amount of reading and looking around, I’ll offer this photo so that you can join in the caption contest that everyone else is having too.


Have at it. I’ve got to get ready for work.

UPDATE: The upside of going in so early is getting home so early. Now I get to see what’s been going on today.

Punchy Pooch Caption Contest Winners

Even following the meandering path of TS Fay won’t keep me from announcing this weeks caption contest winners.

5th Place – Cowboy Blob – Dammit, I ate my mouthpiece again!

4th Place – Shoebox – See, this is what happens if I nap when Jim is around! At least he didn’t bring the tutu this time!

3rd Place – Wyatt Earp – Filming for Rocky VII began today with the introduction of the villain, Slobber Lang.

2nd Place – Elliot – I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a boxer..noooo I have to be a Labrador.

1st Place – RT – “I pitty da fool that tries to neuter me!”

Memo To Self: More Lingerie Caption Contests

Pictures of women wearing next to nothing generated some great comments. Who woulda thought? Here are the winners.

5th Place – Cowboy Blob – I don’t know about them, but MY X-ray specs are working pretty darn well!

4th Place – Shoebox – As Nancy and the Dems left Washington without any work on oil drilling, it was found that Empress Nancy and her ilk had (almost) no clothes! (Shoebox – I can’t say how glad I am that Madame Planet isn’t one of these models!)

3rd Place – Wyatt Earp – The Magnificent Seven show off the Fantastic Fourteen!

2nd Place – Elliot – Chinese chicks in lingerie, leaves me won ton more.

1st Place – Ryan – Dontcha just LOVE casual Fridays?!

Start Your Week With The Winners

I know you are all waiting for the winners to this week’s caption contest before you start your week. Well don’t let me hold you up, here they are:

4th Place – elliot – Sarkozy: Look at that!! Somebody stole the hub caps off my limo. ARGH!!!

Obama: What chu talkin’ bout Nikillis?

3rd Place – Wyatt Earp – Sarkozy: “Yeah, the exit is this way, Commie.”

2nd Place – DMick – Presidential hopeful Barack Obama exits France’s Elysee Palace, claiming responsibility for the restoration of the French Fry.

1st Place – Shoebox – On the right, Barack before he socializes the US and makes it look more like Europe. On the Left, Barack after he makes the US look more like Europe, shorter, paler and able to speak French.

Your week may now begin. Now get to work, you’re late.

(Day Late) Weekend Caption Contest Roundup

I post this roundup on Saturday, except when I don’t. I didn’t. Sorry.

However, I will remember to post the links to these fine contests.

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Of course I can’t forget mention my own weekly contest.


bRight & Early Caption Contest

Time once again to improve on the original caption with your witty substitutes. Here’s what you have to improve upon (the bar is not that high). “French President Nicolas Sarkozy (L) bids farewell as US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leaves the Elysee Palace on July 25, 2008, in Paris, after a meeting as part of Obama’s European tour. Obama’s foreign tour cemented his status as an international political superstar Sunday, but raised the question of whether rampant adulation abroad will translate into votes in America.
(AFP/File/Paul J. Richards)”

We Have The Winners

Before we dive in to the news of the day, let me announce this week’s caption contest winners.

5th Place – Maggie Mama – If I pinch my chin real real long, maybe they won’t notice how much my ears stick out!

4th Place – Wyatt Earp – If I grow a beard, I wonder if the voters will compare me to Lincoln?

3rd Place – elliot – Hmmm, Maybe if I look like Jay Leno more people will like me….

2nd Place – steveegg – If I squeeze just a little harder, I can pop this zit.

1st Place – RT – What would Oprah do?

Weekend Caption Contest Roundup

Quite a few Obamessiah pics in this weeks roundup. Have Fun!

And don’t forget to join in the bRight & Early caption contest:

Uhhh…It would help if I gave you the links, wouldn’t it?

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