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Playing Catch Up

After my out of touch week, I am about through playing catch up. I’ve waded through pages of email, spam, and a very full feed reader, performed maintenance on my various blogs (including all the spam registrations at The Regiment), watched some football, hockey, and three out of the first four hours of 24.

I have to watch the fourth hour before hour five tonight. And speaking of hour five, be sure that you join the crew at the best 24 site anywhere — Blogs.4Bauer.com. Make sure that you remember to join us for the Season 8: 8 pm to 9 pm liveblogging event.

One of the other things I missed were two episodes of bRight@Night. I’ll take care of that immediately following Jack. More on that later.

Now, on with the show.

Tonight on bRight@Night: The Regiment

I’ll be talking about The Regiment on tonight’s episode of bRight@Night. The show starts in less than 15 minutes. You can participate by calling in: (718) 664-9725 or going to the show page and clicking on push to talk. The chat room will be open in just a minute. Join me!

Christmas Eve Eve on bRight @ Night

Join me for a very special one hour, non-political, Christmas Eve Eve edition of bRight@Night.

No talk of politics tonight, there will be plenty of time for that in 2010. Tonight will be all about Christmas — in particular, Christmas memories. I’m lining up some guests to share their favorite memories of Christmases past, and your invited to share, too. The call in number is (718) 664-9725. I encourage you to go to the show page and set a reminder. See you tonight!

The New, Earlier, bRight @ Night

Have you listened to the new, earlier bRight @ Night? It has all the same good stuff like a look at the best posts from around the conservative side of the blogosphere, and the news of the day, but without me falling asleep on the air! How does that sound? Want more? OK. The chat room will be open, and you can call in: 718.664.9725

The fun starts in less than 10 minutes. Get over there.

About Last Night

I posted about the move to 10pm right before bRight@Night was supposed to start last night. Then I clicked over to my host switchboard to start the show. It was then that I found out that Blog Talk Radio had switched from the old click to talk (for premium subscribers) to using Skype. Now, I have nothing against Skype, and I have nothing but good things to say about Blog Talk Radio.

On the other hand, I sure wish they had given some warning about the switch. I was told that it was a “soft launch” and that additional details would be available soon. But 10-15 minutes before show time isn’t sufficient to download the software, get all the settings right, create an account, and still log into your show.

I finally got things set up around 10:40 — 10 minutes after the show was scheduled to end. I quickly scheduled a 15 minute segment for 11:00, but it really threw me off my game.

I wanted to talk about the elections today in NY, VA, NJ, and elsewhere. I guess I’ll just have to talk about the results on tomorrow night’s show. I can do that.

Or maybe I’ll have to schedule a show for tonight, after results start coming in. I’ll have to see about that.

bRight @ (Not-so-late) Night

I’ve made the decision to move bRight@Night from 11:00pm to 10:00pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 11:00 was just too late! It’s not considered good form to start getting sleepy while you’re in the middle of a radio show. That should be fixed now.

Now I need you to tune in to the show. You can set a reminder at the bRight@Night Show Page.

Now I need to ask what you would like to hear on the show, or who? I’d like to hear from you in the comments.

Here Are Your Choices

If you’ve listened to bRight@Night over the last few months you may have noticed that I tend to ramble at times. That’s being generous, but it’s my post and I’ll characterize it as I like. That fact is, that when you get up around 4:30 in the morning you tend to be tired by 11:00 that night. Or maybe that’s just me.

In part, the show time is dictated by other outside, or rather inside, considerations. I can’t really do the show at noon since I’m at work. Besides, as good as bRight@Night may be, who really wants to compete with Rush?

Early evening isn’t a great option. I don’t think it would be great radio to have to repeat, “would you kids quiet down, I’m trying to do a radio show” every few minutes during the broadcast. I could do it when I get up, but really, how many of you would tune in at 5am?

So, let’s look at these options. I could do the show at 6am. That’s where it started a long time back. The problem there is for anyone listening in any timezone west of here. Another option is 8am. I’d have to make sure I got back from dropping the boys at school, and I’d have to end the broadcast and rush out the door to work.

Then there’s the evening. It doesn’t start “really” quieting down until after 9pm. I could do it at 10:30, but that’s just a little bit better (as far as that ready-to-sleep, dozing thing goes). 10:00? 9:30?

Why don’t I just open it up to a poll. It’s over there on the right. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. Also, if you have any suggestions for content, the comments are a good place for that, too.