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Starting Year Five

100 Post Marathon #31

Today is going to be the big day for the marathon. It has to be if I’m going to reach 100 posts! I would like to thank everyone who has contributed. I have not mentioned them by name because I didn’t ask or receive permission from them and I know some people are reluctant to make that information public. I do thank all of them most sincerely.

We are at 13% of our goal, and I have been very encouraged by the support. Once again let me offer my thanks and gratitude to those who have visited, commented, linked, and donated.

Today, in addition to being the push day for this marathon, is the start of year five at bRight & Early. My first post, Making book on filibuster detente, dealt with the “Gang of 14″.

It has been a great four years. I’ve enjoyed writing here and reading what others have written elsewhere. For me it has been a way to stay engaged in the discussion and actions of our governance.

Beyond that I have been thrilled by the friendships that have been gained, even though I have never met even one other blogger in person. That has to change. I won’t start listing those individuals, it would take all day, but I would like to just mention two who gave me my earliest link support. Michelle Malkin gave me my first big link very early on, even though I didn’t record most of the visitors as I mentioned yesterday. Shortly after that Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, who was then at his own “Captain’s Quarters”, linked to the site when he was away leading a Marriage Encounter weekend.

So, where do things stand today for bRight & Early? By the numbers:

  • 3621 posts – This will be #3622
  • 11 pages
  • 109 Categories – probably too many. Should be consolidated a bit.
  • 1414 Tags
  • 7162 approved comments – One wish is that this number were much higher.
  • 83,645 spam comments eaten.

Let’s get year five started!

If you can…

To learn more about the 100 Post Marathon read here and especially here.

Con ect on Sti l I fy

My internet connection is still a bit hit and miss (with many more misses than I care for). Things should be fixed sometime today — when I get a chance to do the necessary work. Here are the Blogiversaries from yesterday (1/29/09):

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to
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and Happy 5th Blogiversary to
Lindsey Williams – Writer At Large

And for today (1/30/09):

Happy 4th Blogiversary to
Thoughts of a Conservative Christian