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BREAKING (but not surprising): Hillary Accepts SoS

Heard this just now on Hannity, checked Fox News and jumped over to the NYT.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the position of secretary of state, making her the public face around the world for the administration of the man who beat her for the Democratic presidential nomination, two confidants said Friday.


More later.

Looking Forward

The election is behind us. As I have seen written several places, now comes the hard part for Obama. Up until now he only had a campaign to win, now he has a country to lead.

It is my belief that he will lead it poorly. In fact, I think one of his lasting accomplishments during his four years in office will be to make the Carter presidency look better.

For better or worse he will be America’s president, which means he will be my president. I am sure that I will disagree with nearly everything he does. Still, I respect the office and I will strive to show that respect to the office holder. A pet peeve of mine is the bad habit that has developed over the past years that doesn’t recognize that respect. It will be my goal, here and in private, to refer to Barack Obama as President Obama once he has taken the oath of office. Not as a sign of agreement, but as a show of the high esteem I have for the office of President.

That being said, I will use my small platform to speak out against those things that I will inevitably disagree with. I will fight for what I believe to be right. And after what is bound to be an historically short pause I will fight to help conservative men and women become elected. Twenty-four months of President Obama working with the expanded majorities in Congress could make that easy.

Good Night

It’s just after 11pm Eastern and ABC has called the election for Barack Obama. I’m heading off to bed. I am sad for the country’s future.

In a few hours I’ll get up and do my best to help reclaim it.

Good night.


Florida’s polls open in just about 30 minutes. Elsewhere in the country they are already open, and early voting has already broken records. We know that TOM will be spinning for their Chosen One. We also know that exit polls are not reliable indicators of what actually went on in the voting booth.

Very close to 7am I will walk the length of a football field to my polling location. If you’re like me, the election won’t be the only task on your calendar today. But I hope it is the most important one. Let me make this clear:

  • If it is raining where you live — Vote!
  • If the lines are long and you have to wait — Vote!
  • If you have to walk to your polling place, walk and –Vote!
  • If you have a friend who hasn’t voted yet, call them and — Vote!
  • If you’re fed up with the commercials, the mailers, and the calls — Vote!
  • If you have to skip lunch — Vote!
  • If you believe the polls are right — Vote!
  • If you believe the polls are a pile of excrement — Vote!
  • If you’ve never been registered to vote until this year — Vote!
  • If you’ve voted in every election since Truman beat Dewey — Vote!
  • If you are less than thrilled with the choices you have — Vote!
  • If you are jazzed about the candidate your voting for — Vote!
  • If your car is in the shop, call a friend, call a cab, call a local campaign office, then –Vote!
  • If you think that your (spouse, neighbor, co-worker, friend) is going to just cancel out your vote — Vote!
  • If you just got the 24-Season 6 box set and have planned a marathon viewing session, hit pause and — Vote!
  • If you are fighting a bad hair day — Vote!
  • If the latest assignment from your boss makes as much sense Barack Obama’s tax math — Vote!
  • If your 401K won’t pay for your retirement party, let alone your retirement — Vote!
  • Elisha CuthbertIf there’s a cougar standing between you and your polling place — Vote!
  • If your WoW guild has a big raid planned — Vote!
  • If you’ve never heard of WoW — Vote!
  • If the dog just left you a present on your new carpet — Vote!
  • If you’re a plumber — Vote!
  • If you’re not a plumber — Vote!
  • If you’ve ever heard of Liquid Plumber™ — Vote!
  • If today is your birthday — Vote!
  • If your birthday is sometime in the next 365 days — Vote!
  • If the only thing you have to do today is contemplate how many angels can fit on the head of a pin — Vote!
  • If today is your anniversary — Vote!
  • If today is your wedding day, who gets married on a Tuesday? But — Vote!
  • If you think your vote doesn’t count — Vote!
  • If you want the right to bitch on Wednesday — Vote!
  • If long, meaningless blog posts annoy you — Vote!

You probably get it by now. If you haven’t already voted there is nothing more important for you to do today. VOTE!

The Final Lap

We’re in the bell lap in this marathon that has gone on way too long already. As an aside, I believe that one of the reasons we are choosing between the two candidates we have is due to the length of the campaign this election cycle. I think it is very likely that a shorter campaign could have given us two completely different presidential candidates.

But, we get to vote for what we have, not what we could have had.

I am part of the large majority of Americans who, in spite of all the hype and headlines, has not taken advantage of early voting. As I mentioned the other day, I like going to my local polling place on election day. There is something almost “ceremonial” about casting a ballot, and despite any real or perceived inconvenience it is something that I truly look forward to doing.

If the lines aren’t too long first thing tomorrow morning the process shouldn’t take very long at all. I am not one of the undecided voters and I won’t be making up my mind with the pencil in my hand.

President/Vice President — John McCain/Sarah Palin. I have laid out my reasons for supporting John McCain already. It is, to be honest, almost as much a vote against Barack Obama as it is for McCain. Almost. I am convinced that the policies of Barack “The One™” Hussein Obama would be detrimental to our country; Even those that could benefit me personally in the short term.

That alone would not be enough to convince me to vote for John McCain. While I am sure that I will not agree 100% with a President McCain, I will agree with him and his direction for our nation most of the time.

U.S. House (Fl-D12) — Adam Putnam. I have really grown to appreciate his psotions and his leadership. He was one of the leading voices in the house to take an “all of the above” approach to energy policy.

Here’s hoping for the best tomorrow. I’ll be doing my part. That’s all I have left that I can do.

How Low Can You Go?

Every working boy and girl
All around the working world
Gonna do the tax you rock
All around the tax you clock
Joe the Plumber asked The One™
“How much ‘fore I gotta run?”
‘O’ said, “Quarter Mil’s a lock,
‘Til I do the tax you rock”

Tax you lower now
Tax you lower now
How low can you go

First it was two-fifty K
That hardly lasted a day
Why don’t we just call it two,
But you know that we’re not through
Gonna drop the cap some more
‘Til it’s resting on the floor
All around the tax you clock
Hey, let’s do the tax you rock

la la la etc

Redistribution is our goal
Acquire power, sell our soul
Now it’s one fifty, so says Joe
A hundred twenty’s not too low
We will tax you til your sick
If we find a rate that sticks
Take what you have worked hard for
And just give it to the “poor”

Let’s move that tax you bar
Make you a tax you star
How low can you go