Busy Boy

You may have noticed that I haven’t been updating this page very often. Even less than my usual lackluster standards. Well, there’s a reason.

I am still at my same day job (10 years and counting, minus a short hiatus. 6 years plus since I returned) and I still enjoy what I do there. If that and all the demands of family life weren’t enough, I’ve decided to branch out into something I am very passionate and excited about – Travel.

I had explored becoming a travel agent about 6 years ago. I even dabbled in it for a while, but for a variety of reasons never moved forward. For the past few years it remained just an idea. Then, a few weeks ago, I moved ahead with my plan and started Getawayngo Travel. As you can imagine, starting a new venture can be quite time-consuming. Training, marketing, and basic set up have taken quite a bit of time over the past few weeks. There’s more to do, but the foundation has been laid.

banner960x200I want Getawayngo Travel to be your source for outstanding service on exciting travel deals. Visit us to receive personalized service, attention to detail, value, and selection when you are making your travel plans. My focus is going to be Family Travel, Cruises, and Groups.

I invite you to visit my website linked above, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

I’m not abandoning bRight & Early by any means. It’s just going to take a little better time management on my part to integrate both into the rest of my activities.