While I Wait for the Will to Fight

I am, by nature, an optimist.

But not today. I’m not just disappointed by last night’s defeats, I am crushed.

There was a point, as I watched the terrible results come in last night, that I considered coming here, posting something witty like “Good bye”, and shutting the whole thing down (not that anyone would notice). In the real world, the one outside of blogging, I considered calling out or just not going to work today. Why bother? I’ve been working for forty years, why not just get in line with my hand out like the rest of the country? Why the %&(# should I care anymore? Give me my free $#!+ too.

When 2016 gets here (if there’s any here still here) I will be sixty. How much fight will I have left? What will be left to fight for? Why should I care any more? If I develop any health issues I’m pretty sure the death panel (at least I have enough fight left in me to call them what they really are) will decide that my warranty is just about expired, so there’s no need for repairs.

Hopefully I will find the will to fight, somehow, again. I don’t see it right now, but I pray that it’s out there. Somewhere.

Just not today.

3 thoughts on “While I Wait for the Will to Fight

    1. Jim Lynch Post author

      Thanks Admiral. It’s going to take a bit to shake this. The worst is the feelings I’m having for my fellow beings – I am convinced they are, for the most part, idiots.

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