Low Flying Plane?

You’ve got to love the coverage of today’s announcement regarding bringing the 9/11 terrorists to trial in New York. I’ve been reading a bit of it and this paragraph, in a Reuters story headlined New York split over plan to try September 11 plotters caught my attention.

Several security scares since 2001 — a 2007 steam pipe explosion and earlier this year a low flying plane trailed by a fighter jet flying over the Statue of Liberty for a photo shoot — have created panic among still jittery New Yorkers.

I added the bold, just in case you didn’t see what I saw.

Are you kidding me? A “low flying plane”? Uh, could you be a little more specific? It was one of the aircraft that becomes Airforce One when the President is on board.

As for the rest of this travesty, that will have to wait for later for comment.

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