One Thousand Five Hundred and Two. That’s the number of pages in the Bogus, er Baucus “Health Care Reform” Bill. Health Care Reform is in scar quotes because the bill is not about Health Care nor Reform. It is about power. Government power. If there were a truth in advertising law that applied to legislation the title might be the “Government Power Grab and Intrusion Into Health Decisions” bill. Whatever.

The PDF is here.

It has been suggested that the blogosphere look at the bill in small pieces. There is a site (that I don’t have time to track down right now. Someone in the comments?) that has suggested that you take the last three digits of your Social Security number and analyze that page. Of course that suggestion was made before page count came in at a grand and a half.

Here is my suggestion: For the first two numbers take your birthday and divide by two. Round down. For example, if you were born on the 1st the first two numbers would be 00. If, like me, you were born on the 26th the first two numbers would be 13. For the last two numbers take a look at my sitemeter counter. As I write this the last two numbers are 50. I will be reading page 1350. Get it? Good.

Now, leave a comment and let me know what page you will be examining. And please spread the word. We need (at least) 1502 of you to do the work the legacy media will either not do, or not do well. Are you up to it?

(h/t to Don Surber for the PDF link)

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  3. Dana

    I already looked at section 6002, in this comment on my own site (though I didn’t start the thread.)

    It would have your employer’s contribution to your health insurance indicated on your Form W-2, starting with tax year 2010, even though if passed, the health care changes wouldn’t start that soon.

    They just want to tax you on more.

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  7. Shane (Hangmann747)

    Hello All, My Page is 774,

    Page 774 establishes quality standards by the Secretary, Who ever that is, for the “Pilot Program”.

    The “Pilot Program” is a Home Based Primary Care program. (see Pg 780). This Amendment is added to the Social Security Act.

    The Secretary can also add or alter those Quality standards.

    The Primary care given is also required to make yearly reports of those quality standards and their implementation.

    My concern is the “Secretary” seems to have the ability to do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Maybe some other part of this bill tells us his regulated powers, but I doubt it!

    The Docrine of Original Intent

    As Always Thanks for being involved, Many Blessings, Shane

    “Standing Strong” & “Closing Ranks”
    and still in the “Hunt For Red November”

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  9. Jim Lynch Post author

    Flooded Lizard makes a good point in his post, the pages are too limited for any kind of analysis. Better do a section.

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