When You Get a Gift

My college choir director had this bit of advice for when you are given a compliment, “Say thank you, and shut up.” The idea was to appreciate the kind words and not to go off on some tangent about how you really messed up the third number or something like that.

The same suggestion applies to gifts. When you get a gift, the best thing to do is just say “thank you” and put a sock in it. I’m going to ignore that advice and do a bit of speculation about a gift I received last night.

Wyatt sent me a link to this story. The focus of the article is not the words written for the Daily Mail, or even the subject matter. The story is:

Not the story of Elisha Cuthbert and her new boyfriend Calgary Flames hockey player Dion Phaneuf, but a chance to display pics of Jack’s “little girl.”

So, did Wyatt pass this gem on to me because of our shared appreciation for all things Bauer? Or does he know that Elisha Cuthbert is one of the top search words that brings traffic to this blog (not to mention the few hits I’ve got from “Cougar Bait”)? Perhaps he is trying to help push bRight & Early over 100,000 visitors (11,814 to go).

Or maybe it would be better if I took my directors advice and just let the pictures do the talking. Thank you. I’ll shut up now.

pictures removed.

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