Say It Ain’t So

Oh the humanity!

Elisha Cuthbert

Something that nuclear blasts, CAIR, Russian separatists, drug cartels, overdoses, a shooter on the roof, Nina Myers, Kim Bauer, bombs, viruses, nuclear meltdown, President Logan, bullets, poison gas, an airplane with no pilot, guns, torture, black helicopters, other Bauers, Marwan, moles, CTU, the government, one human rights lawyer, Audrey, Behrooz, Middle Eastern terrorists, lesbians, and even death (twice) could not do.

Season 7 has been placed in a Chinese prison.

The writers strike has struck down the Fox thriller “24.”

“24” is absent from the network’s revised, strike-affected schedule for midseason. In its announcement, Fox explained the “Day 7″ season for the series would be indefinitely postponed to ensure an uninterrupted run.

I guess it’s up to the crack staff of to come up with our own story line. Note: That story line will not include Kim.