Instant Traffic

I think I’ve just about got this blog traffic thing figured out.

Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar is hot.

Ron Paul is nuts.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is hot.

Ron Paul is nuts.

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert is hot and nuts.

Ron Paul is nuts.

Now to sit back and wait for the made hits to come rolling in!

14 thoughts on “Instant Traffic

  1. Xsabrah

    Interesting blog. You sound like you might be with Fox News… or maybe even a part of the Bush Administration.

    I would say that you might even be Bush, but probably not because you seem educated enough to be able to spell, and I’m sure that you can probably even properly pronounce the word ‘nuclear’.

    I really like your polls too. It’s a great way to ensure that nobody votes in a way that you can’t handle.


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  2. Katharine Taylor

    One poll people can’t spam are the polls taken after presidential debates.
    I voted and I recieved a confirmation text to my phone. I tried to vote again, just to see
    what would happen, and I recieved another text saying I already voted. Ron Paul wins
    those polls every time. I think that is proof enough of his support.

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  3. Jim Lynch Post author

    No, it is not proof enough of his support. They are unscientific and only indicate that the supporters he has are willing to make a phone call to participate in a meaningless poll.

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  4. Kyle

    haha. you neo-cons are hilarious. can I ask you something? [profanity deleted]

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  5. whtthfk

    I don’t even know where to begin. Oh wait, first yes all the girls are hottttt. I agree whole heartedly.

    As for Ron Paul I would say definetly not nuts. In fact if you actually research those running you would find he is probably the most sain one up there on either side. Every “frontrunner” wants to stay in Iraq. The definition of insanity, I believe is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    I do like that you made this blog just to see how people would react to it.

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  6. Evil Nate

    I can do that too…
    Tyra banks is hott!!!
    Jim lynch is a ***
    Beyonce Knowles is hott!!!
    Jim Lynch is a ***
    Christy Hemme is Mad hott!!!
    Jim Lynch is still a ***
    Jessica Biel is rediculously hott!!
    Jim Lynch is a rediculous ***
    Oh I could go all day with this , but I think you get the piont…
    Seriously , next time keep your small minded piont of view to yourself!

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  7. Evil Nate

    for those that wondered what was censored I said Jim Lynch is a lil’ BE I EI YATCH!!! how ’bout that??

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  8. Evil Nate

    So ya got a problem w/ Ron Paul huh?
    I suppose you support Barrack OSAMA , or Billary SADDAM Clinton , or one of those other idiots that supports us tryin’ to be the world police & still clings to archaic drug laws , founded on racism!!! I got news for ya that old system is just that , old & busted , we need the new hottness…It’s far past time for change!!!

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  9. Evil Nate

    the problem w/ this country… , Is not the drugs , it’s the drug LAWS!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
    How can we possibly support a government that lets murderers , rapists , & child molesters , & child abusers outta prison faster than drug offenders???
    I don’t know about you , but I’d rather see crackheads & smackheads get outta jail faster , than violent offenders…let alone the poor pot heads…
    If they wanna crack down on something , let them crack down on thievery & violence , not those who are just practicing their inalienable right to destroy thier own bodies…& don’t even get me started on what prison does to people ’cause it sure ain’t rehabilitate…It’s like collage for criminals , they come out better connected , stronger , meaner , & smarter in the ways of breakin’ the law…

    How can we support a government that continually makes us fight for petro , when we have our own!!!
    why stockpile our own petro when we have some of the greatest minds at work on making engines that don’t even need the stuff???
    they make us fight , so they can justify payin’ for our education….
    why not jus’ make education cheaper , & more easily attainable???
    Knowledge is power , it should be givin’ FREELY!!!

    Now just think on that for a second , if they had spent all the $$ that they wasted on this stupid war on drugs ( which by the way is no closer to being won than it was the day it started ) what if instead they spent that money on educational programs , & payin teachers , so we could get a cheap , or free education???

    End the war on drugs & chanel the $$ to education…as long as there is a demand there will be a supply no matter how hard you fight it!!!!
    If our children are our future then why make it difficult for them to be educated??
    Give our kids the FACTS about drugs not some trumped up propaganda mixed w/ cheap scare tactics!!!

    written by me Evil Nate C after listening to a speech titled “Grow more Pot” by Jello Biafra

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    i guess like ron paul, and no i don’t wanna fight, ok, so i wanna keep peace.ok.

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