Car loan with flexible repayment – risk-free & fast

This allows the borrower to pay off at least part of the auto loan early. A special repayment can also mean that the car loan can be completely repaid at once with flexible repayment. Banks are more reluctant to make special repayments. It can make sense for the lender to get the loan amount back Read More

Re-entry of rates at Bank: revolving credit at 3.40% fixed APR

The end of summer and the start of the school year are often an opportunity for credit organizations to make an impression. Bank is never the last when it comes to breaking rates. The proof with this operation on the small revolving credit, offered from 3.40% fixed APR over 12 months. Update on the conditions Read More

How to cancel the Payroll Credit Card?

Are You Retired, Pensioner or Civil Servant? Need to cancel payroll credit card and don’t know how? Find out if this is really the best way out of your financial relief and what to evaluate before applying for a permanent card cancellation so you don’t run out of credit. What do you need to check before Read More

Understand how vehicle financing works.

Buying a vehicle, regardless of model, is a dream come true for many. Vehicle financing allows many people to conquer a new car or even their first car, in this article you will understand how vehicle financing works. Financing is a kind of installment purchase through a loan. The customer chooses the vehicle and then Read More

Unemployed car loan

Obtaining a car loan when you have no job, are unemployed, compensated by the Car Lender, or even if you receive social assistance such as the RSA is often impossible. Indeed, all the credit organizations ask for solvency guarantees before granting a loan, and not having a salary places the borrower in a situation of Read More

What is Loan to Deposit (LDR)?

  What is the loan / deposit ratio (LDR)? The loan-to-deposit ratio (LDR) is used to measure a bank’s liquidity by comparing a bank’s total loans to its total deposits for the same period. LDR is expressed as a percentage. If the ratio is too high, it means that the bank may not have enough Read More

Why can’t I get a loan?

When we work with clients, we often hear the question Why can’t I get a loan? after all, my company generates revenues, completes contracts, orders on time, I try to pay my obligations on time, and yet I cannot receive financing from the Bank? ” Tell me why, because I really do not understand, and Read More